Photo credit: Shiyu Rao

What is MedSaint?

MedSaint is the University of St Andrews’ medical journal, with pieces written by St Andrews students from years 1 to 3. MedSaint reflects the true heterogeneity of the student population at St Andrews, a preclinical medical school on a corner of the Eastern Scottish coast. Whilst we are united as note-making, pen-yielding warriors – sharing an incredible ability to lose all sense of space, society, and dimension in our studies – we are individuals. MedSaint aims to document the course of these diverse interests while also educating our readers on many different aspects of medicine. Our articles range from researching the pathophysiology and treatments of various medical conditions to investigating the gray areas in medical ethics. We hope that you enjoy reading the articles we have published and broaden your knowledge of certain aspects of medicine.
Calling ALL St Andrews students – Whether you’re a writer, a comedian, an artist, a filmmaker, a scientist or a sportsman at heart: we are your medium to reach an audience. If you have a certain aspect in medicine that interests you and have an itch to do some research and writing, please send us an email, we’d love to hear from you!


Sponsored by The Medical Protection Society

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