Bute Medical Society


The Bute Medical Society was founded in 1915, by its first president Margaret Shirlaw, with the support of Miss Mildred Clark, Calum McCrimmon, Clive Mackie Whyte, Cecily Thistlewaite, Mary Ellison and W.G. Robertson. The initial aim of the society was to hold clinically oriented lectures that the students could attend voluntarily. This tradition still continues today with the society’s bimonthly ‘cheese and wine’ evening. As an independent, non-profit organisation it is still run entirely by medical students. It is sponsored by the British Medical AssociationMedical Protection SocietyMedical Defence Union and Salford Student Homes. Fund raising events held throughout the year also enable the Society to contribute to charities.

 Fast-forward 100 years… The BMS now caters for all your needs: physical, spiritual, and quite even possibly liturgical. The BMS represents the happiest times of the your medical career and when you look back you’ll remember them with a fondness that can barely be described… but you’ll feel it (believe me)! For all the events check out the website www.butemedics.co.uk

The BMS chose a UK-based charity, Lupus UK, and an international charity, Action for Muona, to support for the academic year 2011/2012. Lupus UK is the only national registered charity supporting people with systemic lupus or discoid lupus, and assisting those approaching diagnosis. For Lupus UK, it is an exciting time as the first lupus drug in half a century has been approved for treatment and will hopefully help many sufferers. Our international charity aims to help a township in southern Malawi – a country with close connections to our medical school, to highlight the charity’s efforts to assist in alleviating the economy and lifting the burden of poverty and hunger. To date we held a successful pub crawl in which we raised £1200, a raffle at FAF that raised £100, sent sexy bucket girls to a Dundee United match who collected £490, and along with the rest of the medical societies, planned a pyjama day in the medical school on the 1st of December with proceeds going to the National Aids Trust.


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