Do you want to join the team?

Would you like to join the team?

MedSaint reflects the true heterogeneity of the medical student population at St Andrews. Whilst we are united as note-making, pen-yielding, warriors – sharing a world-famous ability to lose all sense of space, society, and dimension, in our studies – we are individuals. MedSaint aims to document the course of these diverse interests; for all we know, medicine is not the only cure, and without an understanding of aspects of life beyond a clinical education, we can hardly expect to understand our future patients.

Too often at St Andrews we see academics and extra curriculars as a matter of “either/or”; one does one’s degree and then one does one’s extra curricular activities. Projects like MedSaint defy this convention. They demonstrate for all to see that there really is no difference at St Andrews between what we do in the lecture theatre and what we do in our “free” time. It’s not either “academics” or “extra-curriculars”, it’s all education. Read this journal and learn from it. But don’t just learn about medicine from its pages, learn from its example about all the incredible things we can do with our degrees.

Sam Fowles
Director of Representation, 2012

Whether you’re a writer, a comedian, an artist, a filmmaker, a scientist, a sportsman, a student society: we are your medium to reach an audience through old-fashioned journalism and good writing.

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