Mission: “To create a network of students, empowered to effect tangible social and political change in health on a local, national and global level through education, advocacy and community action.”

Medsin is a network of students with an interest in health, with branches at universities across the UK. Medsin’s Activities aim to promote health as well as to act upon and educate students about health inequalities in our local and global communities. In St Andrews therefore, Medsin acts as an umbrella society, supporting new start-up projects.

As part of a national network of branches, Medsin St Andrews works together with likeminded students from universities across the UK, addressing regional issues and representing UK medical students internationally on the IFMSA (international Federation of Medical Students Associations). At a local level, we run campaigns and educational events here in St Andrews on a range of global health areas, with particular focus on topical issues such as the global determinants of maternal health, HIV/AIDS and the pharmaceutical industry as well as the problems associated with the Millennium Development Goals. We also act in the community; our new project Sexpression aims to provide open and non-judgmental sex education and guidance to teenagers in local secondary schools.

Whatever your interest, getting involved with Medsin can help you develop skills and share ideas, whether through designing and delivering workshops, campaigning or fundraising. Furthermore, if you want to start your own project or campaign on something you’re passionate about, Medsin is the ideal platform providing local and national support. This year, we’ve been collaborating with other university societies to hold a range of events as part of themed weeks, such as SHAG Week, World AIDS Week and Maternal Health Week.

We will be continuing to support various campaigns such as Health Planet, StopAIDS, Stop Female Genital Mutilation and UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines), and recruiting volunteers for our Sexpression project. We work to support the ideas and projects of our society members and are open to any other activities.

Interested? Get involved. Contact us at or find us on Facebook as “Medsin St Andrews”


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