Sexpression: UK Delivering a Sex Education

Screenshot 2014-07-31 15.42.38Third Year Vera Nakata speaks to Teodora Filipescu – St Andrews Sexpression project coordinator

Did you know that a recent UK study on more than 2,000 14 to 18 year-olds showed that 33% of them thought that a female could not get pregnant the first time she has sex? As a young person, it is often awkward to raise issues related to sex and relationships. However, Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) in schools has been found to be insufficient and patchy, with worrying myths prevailing among teenagers. To ensure that young people are given enough information to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health, Sexpression:UK was created. I spoke to the St Andrews branch Sexpression Project Coordinator, Teodora Filipescu, to find out more

V: Hi Teodora! Tell us how you first got involved with Sexpression.

T: I first heard about Sexpression during S.H.A.G week and I immediately decided to get involved. Later that month, I took part in a really intensive two-day training offered by Hollie Kluczewski, the national Sexpression coordinator. It was good fun and at the end I decided to keep being active in the society.

V: Do tell us more about what the society is about!

T: Sexpression:UK is an independent, student-led organisation dedicated to empowering young people to make autonomous decisions regarding sex and relationships through open, non-judgmental teaching strategies. There are branches in over 29 Universities across the UK. Our main goals are to train volunteers and send them into secondary schools to teach Sex and Relationship Education. We do not pressure pupils to change their attitudes towards sex in any way – we are there to provide information, to answer their questions, and to encourage them to be more open towards each other.

V: What is your most memorable experience to date?

T: This is a rather difficult question, because I have only  started being a branch coordinator. So far, the best experience was talking with a member of staff from Waid Academy. It was amazing to see how excited he was about us coming in.

V: So, what’s being planned for the future?

T: Our schedule is quite busy! We will be having training sessions for our enthusiastic volunteers and have many school visits planned, so we need to get as many students on board as possible. In addition, we will be involved in S.H.A.G week, offering some fun, interactive sex-education lessons.


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