Looking for Writers and a Publicity/Social Media Representative!

Hello Everyone!

MedSaint is the University of St Andrews’s medical journal and we’re looking for people to get involved. We’re hoping to gather more writers who are keen to put articles forward to be published on our website. You would be free to choose whatever topic related to medicine that interests you and, best of all, we have no deadline but publish we the pieces as soon as they’re ready. Have a look at our previously published articles on our website to get an idea of what’s been included so far. We’re also looking for someone to fulfill the role of publicity/social media representative for MedSaint. If you’re interested in this position, please send a paragraph of 150 words max to medsaint1@gmail.com telling us why you think you’re suited for the role. Even if you aren’t a medic, but are interested in writing on current medical events, please do get in touch as this isn’t solely for medics.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!

Caroline Cristofaro and Lauren Wong

MedSaint Editors


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